Facebook Live Feed and News Feed Options Explained (Sort Of)


Ok, this just doesn’t make any sense. With the new News Feed / Live Feed on Facebook, you just aren’t going to see all the people you used to see when you visit your Facebook page. Basically, it boils down to this: With News Feed, you’re seeing posts and info about the people Facebook deems “popular.” Live Feed gives you everything. Or something like that.

The interesting thing is, with your News Feed and Live Feed, there are options that control who appears on either Feed, and for Live Feed, a setting for how many of your contacts will appear on your Live Feed. So Live Feed shows you everything, but just from a paltry 250 of your contacts.

(Maybe you have less than 250 contacts. In that case don’t be offended by my “paltry” characterization of your number of contacts. It doesn’t reflect on you as a person or your popularity. I have more than 250, but not nearly as many as some people do, despite me being a Facebook “whore” according to my wife.)

Now, back on track. Click on News Feed to make it active. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Edit Options in the light blue shaded box, just above the omnipresent Facebook footer stuff. This is the window you will see, or something similar.


Maybe my wife is right… I only recognize two of those names, but they are all my “friends.” Use this window to add other contacts that you think should appear in your News Feed.

Ok, let’s check out the Live Feed options. And this is the part that doesn’t make any sense. Notice the title of the window above: Hidden from News Feed. Then pay attention to the title of the next settings window.

Click Live Feed to make it active, then again scroll to the very bottom of the page, and click Edit Options. You’ll see this window, or something very similar, titled (duh!) News Feed Options. After clicking Live Feed, then Edit Options, you get the News Feed Options window. (!)


Now we’re getting somewhere. If you are not seeing as many of your regular friends as you think you should, in your Live Feed, it could be that they’re outside the 250 friends that Facebook defaults to for your Live Feed. Increase the number of friends to see more stuff on the Live Feed, or use the handy Show More and Hide areas to specify friends in either. You can ever view the Recommended Friends that Facebook currently feeds to your Live Feed.

The preceding is a long-winded response to a friend’s post about not seeing as many friends in his feed as he’s used to… It will likely only ever be read by him, and no one else. Thanks for tuning in.

Hat tip: To quickly scroll the bottom of ANY web page, hit the End button on your keyboard. Conversely, if you are down the page a bit (or at the end) hit the Home button to go to the top.

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