Google News Will Not Accept Single Author Blogs

As an author (it almost sounds funny saying that) of several incredibly low-traffic blogs, I have been looking at different ways to both increase my readership, by integrating and sharing posts into my miscellaneous social media personas, some general social bookmarking at sites like Delicious, Reddit, and the like, as well as some other general SEO related tasks – to get news about my “little” blogs out there.

I subscribe to a number of Google Alerts, which is really a great tool.  Basically, anything you can search for in Google News, which crawls not only traditional news organization sites as well as blogs, you can setup a custom Alert, and you’ll receive either a summary daily email with those results, or an email as they are crawled – it’s your choice.

I notice some of the same topics that I cover in my little blogs mentioned frequently in the Alerts I have setup, and I’m thinking, I would love to get MY little blog posts listed in Google News as well. Getting posts into Google News can tremendously help drive traffic to a site.

But then I catch this news item, stating that it’s Google’s policy to NOT include single-author blogs in their Google News crawl, whether they be “little” like mine – or even a high-traffic popular blog – is really disappointing. From a quality assurance standpoint, I understand the policy, intended to keep the quality of sites that are included at a sufficiently high level – but it’s disappointing all the same.

Google News Will Not Accept Single Author Blogs

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