Google Instant Enhancements – YouTube

Hat tip to Jolie O’Dell, of Mashable, and her article Google Instant Adds Keyboard Navigation, International Expansion, for bringing to my attention. Users of Google’s new Instant Search feature will be glad to know that Google is intent on making it even “instanter” than it already is. The addition of Keyboard Navigation especially, which makes the service fall in line with many other Google offerings that boast keyboard shortcuts, will allow those who search and search often, to really speed up the process.

As you begin searching with Google Instant, you see a list of Suggested queries appear below the main search field. You can now use your Arrow Up and Down keys to navigate through this list, and as  you highlight each Suggested query, the search results below will update accordingly.

As much as the introduction of Google Instant Search rocked (temporarily) the search engine optimization (SEO) world, this new feature alone will bring that discussion to the forefront once again in the SEO community. Besides showing you a list of results, any of which are click-able as you type a search, now users can instantly change that list of search results, just using the Up and Down keys.

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