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Gmail inbox (July 2009)

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Google blames software update for lost Gmail data | Digital Media – CNET News.

I must say this outage gives me pause.. I keep my main email on Gmail, as well as  a number extra accounts, for archives, notifications, and other uses, as well as a multitude of Gmail accounts I have setup over the years for various client operations and social media logins. I have found setting up my own Gmail account to use for a client is typically easier than getting a new email from the client’s IT department.

Even though Google assures users email will be restored “for everybody” – I have to wonder about how wise it is for me, or anyone else, to rely so much on this service.

Am I worried enough to use another service, one that would require fees? Probably not, at this point. But I think I will look into backing up more of my accounts offline, as I do with my primary email now.