WordPress/Chrome Browser Glitch

I seem to have come across my first real HTML/layout “glitch” in the Google Chrome browser. And I’m not even 100% sure that it’s due to Chrome. Could it be the version of Chrome I’m using, or the beta version of WordPress?

I had noticed in the last couple of days, in that a couple of the blogs I write for, that in the Post/Page editing screen, the formatting toolbars (the buttons above the text entry area) were for the most part blank. The icons had no icons on them, in short.

Then I started editing a new document, as shown above in the dual screencaps. After inserting an image, I noticed that I couldn’t see the image at all, and actually the toolbar buttons that are present in WordPress’s Visual editor were not visible at all. I could very that the image was in fact inserted by switching to HTML editing mode, and the code was there. I was wondering if this was an issue with Chrome, the WooThemes framework on which the WordPress Theme was built, or the fact that I’m using a beta test build of WordPress itself.

I decided to try viewing and editing in Mozilla Firefox, which happens to be the 6.0 Beta version, and as you can see in the screencap, it looks completely normal. This surprised me, not that Firefox could view and edit it OK, but rather the fact that Chrome could not.

Here’s hoping that this issue is resolved quickly, as I switched over to Chrome in a big way a long time ago, and am in and out of a variety of WordPress-based blogs throughout the day. I’ll post more information as to other browsers, and any tips I get as to what could be the cause, if I receive them.



  1. I hate to say LOL, but I am saying LOL, because it has been like that for the last 4 or 5 updates and it is slightly annoying, but I just don’t worry about it because of my 28 inch screen 🙂

  2. Update… Ok, turns out I was on the dev-m channel for Google Chrome, at version 14.xx. I uninstalled, and downloaded the regular Chrome release, version 13.0.782.112. I still have the editing problem in Google Chrome.

    But… It turns out that editing in Comodo Dragon, which is based on Chromium, as is Chrome, it works just fine. I’m using Comodo Dragon at version, with no issues. I almost always have Dragon running at the same time as Chrome, to make it easier to check multiple Gmail accounts, and it looks and feels nearly 100% the same as Chrome, so this is good news!

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