Gmail Redesign Debuts, Available Now

Gmail Redesign - Ocean HD Theme
Gmail Redesign - Ocean HD Theme

When Google+ debuted just a few months ago, Google also provided a couple of new temporary Themes in Gmail, design previews that hinted at a future design that would match the new Google+ “look” – that is now common across many Google websites. I liked the new Themes, but wasn’t a fan of the density of the page; even the condensed version of the design did not allow for many emails to be displayed at once. For those dealing with dozens of emails a day, it required quite a bit of scrolling when trying out the temporary Themes. 

Well, they’ve taken care of the elements “spacing” issue, with the launch today of the new Gmail design, on the Gmail blog (see Gmail’s new look). If you are a Gmail user, you should see a small text menu popup, down at lower right in your email listing in the Inbox, offering to try out the new design. I highly recommend you check it out, and make the switch. The new design is definitely a winner in my book, and not only offers an innovative way to control the element/email spacing in the page layout, but also offers some very attractive Themes. The ability to change the basic default look of Gmail has existed for some time, in the form of Themes that let’s the user select a different color scheme, other than the traditional blue and white, to Themes that incorporated graphics to really personalize the Gmail experience.

Themes, Themes, Themes!

gmail redesign theme options
Gmail's New Color, HD and Classic Theme Options

The new Gmail redesign offers a raft of Themes in some subtle and bold colors, classic Themes that have been brought forward from the previous, current, design, and the best part of the package, a selection of HD Themes intended for use on today’s high resolution LCD screens. Many of these HD themes incorporate photos from the popular stock photography/illustration website

Some of these Themes, especially the HD Theme options, are very attractive. What I’m hoping is that Google itself, or perhaps some creative developer, could port this Theme capability over to the Google+ platform. I really like the basic “look” of the new Google and Google+ user interface, but providing this type of capability in Google+ could really go a long way toward offering the customization that some people crave when building out their social media presence. So, Google – what are the chances?

Feel Like Being Comfortable, Cozy, or Compact?

Gmail Settings Menu, Spacing Options
Gmail Settings Menu, Spacing Options

That didn’t sound quite right, at least tacking on “Compact” at the end of that phrase… But those are the new options for displaying your email and other layout options in the new Gmail design. There is a new Gear/Settings icon the Gmail screen, just above your email, to the right. Clicking here reveals quick access to the selections for your Gmail display: Comfortable, Cozy, or Compact. You can also use this menu to revert back to the “old” design, jump directly to the Themes menu, or to the overall Gmail Settings menu.

Check out the screen shot gallery below, for a look at the new Default Gmail design, at various Display Density (or Spacing, as I think of it) settings, the Wasabi green Theme, a couple of the Classic Themes, and all of the new HD Themes.

What do you think of the new Gmail Redesign?

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  1. I like the beach theme (the one that shows up on the first day), but wish it would stay the same every day after that. It seems like there should be an option for this, but I can’t find it.

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