Dollar Shave Club – A Study in Great Viral Marketing

First off, check this out and Sign Up Here!

There you go… You’ve just participated in a classically implemented viral marketing campaign, for the launch of!


If you are male, and unless you wear a very full beard, you are no doubt familiar with the high cost of buying good shaving supplies. Whether you use an electric shaver, that has an blade insert that must be replaced very X months, or a “high-end” handheld razor that loads a multiple-blade cartridge. Regardless of your choice of shaving method, it is very expensive to buy new blades – for both electric and handheld shavers. We’re talking anywhere from $20-$40 for electric shaver blade inserts, and a range of $8-$20 for a 3- or 4-pack of new multi-blade handheld razor cartridges. That adds up over time – and may explain on some level why I actually have a full beard now – but that’s a different story!

How Does DollarShaveClub Work?

It’s mind-numbingly simple. You sign up, and choose one of just three options. For $1 a month, you receive a basic shaver, and 5 double-blade cartridges per month. For $6 a month, you step up to a better shaver, and receive 4 quad-blade cartridges a month. And if you want to step up the “Executive” level, you pay $9 a month for an even better shaver, and receive 3 6-blade cartridges per month – plus those cartridges have an Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavendar Lubricating Strip. calls this one the “personal assistant for your face”!

You sign up, provide your credit card, and sit back and let your shaving supplies come to you, nice and handily, via the US Mail.

And here’s where the “viral” aspect of it comes in. Not only is the service pretty neat, and having just signed up yesterday, I can’t vouch for the quality nor timeliness of deliveries, and destined to save millions of shaving men untold sums of money each month, but the site encourages members to share a special referral link, via Facebook, Twitter, or Email, so that anyone else signing up for the service YOUR personal link gets you credit for a free month of service.

Working in online marketing and social media, I know how these things work, it’s built to take advantage of our social media sharing habits, to get the word out, to share this Cool Site I’ve Found! I’m being used, I know it – but that’s OK!

If you haven’t guessed already, you should know that the links I’ve provided to all include MY personal referral link, so anyone signing up after clicking my link, I will benefit monetarily from that action. If you have a circle of friends online, and want to help them share in this cool new service, click MY link – and get one of your own! Then share your link around, and see what happens!

My Referral Link:  <<<==== Not so subtle hint to “Click Here”!

Oh Yeah – The Video!

Not only is the service a neat idea, and it’s geared to just make you share it with your social media contacts, but they’ve got the requisite introductory video that’s sure to go super-viral. It’s a great study in how to do viral videos, and is laugh out loud funny… Check it out here. (Yes, that’s my referral link, one more (last) time. I’m a viral marketing pawn here, just like we all are, occasionally!

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