Opinion | What Is Betsy DeVos Thinking? – The New York Times

It seems to me, clearly- that she is not thinking. Other than repeating the Trump Admin line that “schools must reopen.” That’s it- no thought as to how to do do, much less how to do so safely in the current pandemic situation.

I remember toward the end of Bush II’s presidency, as the Great Recession hit, banks and businesses were failing, the economy was losing something like 700,000-800,000 jobs per month, that Bush seemed to just conveniently (for him) ignore what was happening.

I sense the same with the Trump Admin. They’ve patted themselves on the back for a job well done, since “millions” didn’t die- and they’re hoping that if not the virus, people’s attention as to their ineptitude- will just disappear.

I for one am sincerely glad that my kids are not of school age, but I feel dearly for my friends and neighbors will need to face this issue head on in a few weeks.

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