Before You Share That Meme…

“Internet Research Agency” was a Russian front org, used by Putin’s gov’t in 2015-16 to impact elections in the US. Prosecutor Robert Mueller got multiple indictments of staff there, for their interference in our elections.

The above comes from Some of the Popular Images and Themes the Russians Posted on Social Media, NY Times, December 17, 2018.

Just saw a post from a Facebook friend, advising people to think before they share. Don’t just blindly share ignorant memes/graphics, unless you can research and know it’s true. I added a comment, you should also wonder-
Who made it? Who benefits?

What grinds my gears is people sharing ignorant memes- w/o thinking- Where did that Meme originate? Not whether it’s true or not- most of them aren’t, just another form of spin or outright lies- on BOTH sides/GOP/DEM. – but Who made it?

The same folks who claim NO COLLUSION, or that still believe the RUSSIA HOAX, are sharing meme/graphics that aim to destabilize our elections, our system, that likely come from China/Russia. Remember, the more divided WE are- the stronger our enemies are. Moral of the story is… Don’t share stupid shit. (Pardon my French.)

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